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Main Exhibit Hall

On Display in Building One.

East End: Campbell Limestone #9 (Heisler) and the 1911 Pullman private car Superb. The Superb is on the National Register of Historic Places.

West End: Savannah & Atlanta 4-6-2 Light Pacific steam locomotive #750 and SAL Maintenance of Way bunkcar.

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Rolling Stock









Over 90 pieces of retired railroad equipment are displayed on our 30-acre site. The following pages provide basic information about our rolling stock collection.


Transit Equipment
Equipment Status as of Fall 2013
Atlanta Transit System #1296 Stored pending restoration
ATS 1732 & 1756 Offsite undergoing restoration
BC Transit #2207 Stored pending exhibit planning
Ga Power #636 Stored pending restoration
Ga Power #269 Stored pending restoration
Cobb Community Transit #8956 Exhibit near bldg 2


On long term loan to the museum
MARTA Mule-Streetcar #1866  Exhibit located in building 2
Ga. Power #401  Exhibit located in building 2
Atlanta Transit Co. #253  Exhibit located in building 2
Atlanta Transit System #946  Exhibit located in building 2
MARTA #3360  Exhibit located in building 2


Atlanta Transit System #1296 Trackless trolley
Formerly Ga Power Co.  Built by Pullman Standard Co. Model #45CX.  Donated 1998
ATS #1732 and #1756 St. Louis Car 
Ex Ga Power Co.  Built by St. Louis Car Co.; job # 1749 "New Look" designed for and exclusive to Atlanta.  Purchased 2000.  
BC Transit #2207 T-44 trackless trolley
Built by CCF-Brill



Georgia Power streetcar #636 Steetcar
Built by the Georgia Railway and Power Company in 1924 at the Fulton County Plant in Midtown Atlanta as a copy of the 600-619 series cars built by the McQuire-Cummings Company at Paris, Illinois. Retired by Georgia Power in 1948 one year before the last streetcar rolled in Atlanta. Donated by Neal Leggett, Jasper County Commissioner in 1998.


Georgia Power streetcar #269  
Ex Georgia Rail & Power Co. low floor streetcar built by Cincinnati Car Co in 1921. Never converted to one-man operation due to unique fare structures on Decatur line it served.  Donated 2002 by South Trust Bank  
Cobb Community Transit #8596  
8956 was in the first order of buses for CCT to start the express bus system in 1989. Donated to the museum on retirement in 2008 after 20 years of service.


The MARTA Historic collection below is on long term loan to the museum from MARTA. We are grateful for the opportunity to exhibit their collection and appreciate the trust they have placed in the museum.
Mule-Streetcar #1866  
Georgia Power Co #401 Bus
1941 White model #798-2 In service from 1941 - 1960. Seats 45. Has pancake type 8 cylinder gasoline engine.  
Atlanta Transit Co. #253  
Built by GMC in 1953 as model #4512.  Service years from 1954 - 1974,  
Atlanta Transit System #946  
Built by GM in 1963 as model #5503 and served from 1963 - 1983  
MARTA #3360  
Flxible METRO model; based on Advanced Design Bus concept. In service 1988 - 2003 
Diesel Locomotives


Status as of Fall 2013
Southern #8202 Shopped for mechanical work
Southern #2594 Leased to TVRM for additional power on their local trips at Chattanooga and their Hiawassee River Rail Adventures. Visit www.tvrail.com for more information about these trips.
Southern #6901 Permanent Exhibit
Southern FT B-unit #960604 Exhibit
Armco Steel #B-70 Stored pending restoration
Hartwell #2 Shopped for major mechanical overhaul
New York, Ontario, and Western #104 Permanent Exhibit
Georgia Railroad #1026 Exhibit and backup power for museum train ride

Southern #8202 SW-7
Built c. 1950 by EMD for Georgia Southern, & Florida Railroad. Previously numbered 1100 and used for yard switching until 1981.
Southern #2594 GP-30
Built by EMD c. 1962, with "high nose" specific to the Southern. Sixteen cylinders, 2250-HP. Donated 1993.
Here's what it looked like after a trip through the shop at TVRM.
First revenue run after shopping August 23, 2008. Photos courtesy of Mark S Wurst Photography
More of Mark S. Wurst Photography here
Southern #6901 E8
Built in 1951 by the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors. Routinely powered the Atlanta-Washington D.C. portion of the famous Crescent passenger train. Was lead engine when operation of the Crescent formally changed from the Southern Railway to Amtrak in 1979. Originally numbered 2924.
Southern FT B-unit #960604 Steam Heat & Trainline Power
Constructed as complement to the full diesel locomotive ("A" unit), these "B" units are essentially locomotives without cabs. Originally containing both diesel engines and steam generators (for passenger car heating), this unit has been modified to hold only steam generation equipment.
Armco Steel #B-70 Baldwin-Westinghouse Box-cab
Built 1929, Baldwin-Westinghouse, for Butler Works of ARMCO Steel. Third diesel locomotive built by Baldwin-Westinghouse; first sold commercially; oldest Baldwin-built diesel still in existence. Has Pyrex windows to withstand steel mill temperatures. Originally had control cab on each end but both were later placed on the same end to accommodate a larger prime mover. Donated 1963.

more...(opens a new window)

Please note, while we don't know the age of this photo, the locomotive is NOT on exhbit and needs significant restoration
Hartwell #2 GE 44-ton
Built 1950 by General Electric for the Hartwell (Georgia) Railroad.
New York, Ontario, and Western #104 (formerly Hartwell #5) GE 44-ton
Built 1941 by General Electric for the New York, Ontario & Western Railroad as #104.
The museum staff completed a cosmetic restoration of the locomotive in 2005. Here's the engine's previous paint scheme 
Georgia Railroad #1026 EMD GP 7
Acquired by the museum in 2004 from Tennessee Valley Railway Museum, the locomotive was repainted to it's original 1950 paint scheme before being delivered in January 2006
Steam Locomotives and Tenders


Status as of  Fall 2013
General II On Display
Atlanta & West-Point #290 Shopped for cosmetic restoration
Savannah & Atlanta #750 Permanent Exhibit
Southern 1509 Maud Stored
Georgia Power #97 Undergoing Operational overhaul
Estimated cost $250,000. Please contribute to restoring this locomotive
Gainesville Midland #203 Stored pending restoration
Campbell Limestone #9 Exhibit
Chattahoochee Valley #21 On Display
NCR Dayton Stored

General II 4-4-0 American
Originally built by Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philidelphia, PA. in 1919 as engine No. 104 for the Red River & Gulf Railroad, the locomotive moved to Gulf Sand & Gravel Co. in 1950 to become Comite Southern No. 1. The Stone Mountain Scenic Railroad acquired the engine in 1961. It became known as "General II" when it was rebuilt and cosmetically altered to resemble the "General", the locomotive made famous by the Andrews Raid and locomotive chase through northwest Georgia during the Civil War. Driving wheel diameter - 60 inches Tractive effort 13,800 lbs using a boiler pressure of 180 psi & Walschaerts valve gear. Donated by the Stone Mountain Memorial Association in 2007 and moved to the museum in 2008.
Savannah & Atlanta #750 4-6-2 Light Pacific
Built 1910 by American Locomotive Company (ALCO) for Key West extension of Florida East Coast Railway. Driving wheels: 69 inches. This Light Pacific was sold to the Savannah and Atlanta Railway in 1935 when a hurricane destroyed major bridges between the Keys. Operated during early days of Southern's steam excursion program. Last in service with New Georgia Railroad (excursions) during the 1980s. Featured in Biloxi Blues. Donated 1962.
Southern #1509 Maud 0-4-4T Shop Goat
Built 1876 by Baldwin, for Washington City, Virginia Midland, and Great Southern Railway in Alexandria, Va., for passenger service. Original wheel arrangement: 4-6-0. Current wheel arrangement: 0-4-4, Forney type. Through merger, came under ownership of Richmond and Danville Railroad in 1881. Served as "shop goat" for Southern Railway's Pegram maintenance facility in Atlanta, shunting equipment between storage and repair areas. Last Southern Railway steam engine to operate in Atlanta, and one of the few ex-Southern steam engines still in existence.
Georgia Power #97 0-6-0T
Built in 1943 by Porter for the Army Corps of Engineers as #5050. Oil-burning, side-tank 0-6-0. Later used by Georgia Power Company during building of Plant McDonough. Donated 1965.
Gainesville Midland #203 2-10-0 Decapod
Built 1928, Baldwin, for Alabama, Tennessee & Northern. Driving wheels: 52 inches. Donated by Seaboard to the city of Athens; later donated by Athens to the Atlanta Chapter NRHS. In service on Chapter's first excursion trip in September, 1959.
Campbell Limestone #9 Heisler
Built 1924 by Heisler for Kentucky Lumber Company. Coal-burning, two-truck geared locomotive was later acquired by Campbell Limestone, Beverly, S.C.

Campbell Limestone Co. Picnic (above)

Below -- At SRM summer 2007

Chattahoochee Valley #21 2-8-0 Consolidation
Built 1924 by Baldwin for Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia Railway passenger service. Consolidation 2-8-0; originally numbered 201. Sold to Chattahoochee Valley Railroad in 1935; in service until 1946; in standby service until 1961.
National Cash Register Dayton 0-4-0 Fireless Cooker
Built 1913, Lima, for use in National Cash Register's Dayton, Ohio, plant. "Fireless Cooker" of type used in manufacturing plants requiring clean environment. Pressurized with steam from a boiler outside of the manufacturing area; generates no smoke during operation. Donated 1965.
New Georgia Railroad #WT52 Auxillary Water Tender


L&N #JLDX55 Auxiliary Water Tender
L&N #1966 Coal & Water Tender
Class M-1, for Berkshire-type locomotive. Cast steel water bottom with integral frame.
Passenger and Private Cars


Status as of Fall 2013
Seaboard Coast Line #301 Superb Open as exhibit in building 1
Atlantic Coast Line Washington Club Open as exhibit in building 1
Southern #3168 Diner Open exhibit
Southern #3780 / New Georgia #1104 Open Exhibit
Southern #812 Charlottesville Open exhibit in building 2
Southern #1212 Open exhibit
Southern #2449 Thomas Ruffin Stored pending restoration
Southern #1065 Stored pending restoration
Southern #1078 Open exhibit
Central of Georgia #527 Stored pending restoration
Central of Georgia #651 / New Georgia 1111 Stored pending restoration
Central of Georgia #662 On lease to TVRM for their Hiawassee River Adventures trips. Please visit www.tvrail.com for more information
Atlantic Coast Line #307 Open as exhibit in building 2
Southern Railway #2019 Tugalo River Open as exhibit in building 2
Amtrak 2092 Open Exhibit.
Wabash 1601 Open Exhibit.

Seaboard Coast Line #301 Superb Private Car
Built 1911, Pullman. Second-oldest steel private car in existence. Occasionally used by President Woodrow Wilson. In 1923, used by President Warren Harding for cross-country tour; later carried his casket in funeral train from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. Temporarily renamed Pope Pius XI in 1926 Cardinals' Train from New York to Chicago. Ran as office car for C&WC (#101), ACL (#101), SCL (#301). Heavyweight; original floor plan. Donated by SCL 1967.
Atlantic Coast Line Washington Club Sleeper Lounge with Sunroom
Built 1930, Pullman. Premier-class sleeper with 8 sections, lounge, kitchen, sun room. Originally assigned to Union Pacific's Portland Rose; purchased in 1948 by Atlantic Coast Line. Appears to be sole survivor of 35 Pullman-built club cars with sun rooms. Heavyweight; original floor plan and fixtures. Donated 1961.
Southern #3168 Diner
Built 1926, Pullman. Original seating capacity 36. Rebuilt 1948 by Southern to 48-seat cafe-style service. Original kitchen intact. Heavyweight. Donated 1971.
Southern #3780 Passenger Coach
Built 1922, Pullman, for CNO&TP (Cincinnati, New Orleans, and Texas Pacific). Seats 72. Original interior has been preserved, including "walkover" seats which have moveable backs. Ex-New Georgia Railroad 1104. Donated 1959. Heavyweight.
Southern #812 Charlottesville Passenger Coach
Built 1940, Pullman, for passenger train Tennessean. All cars named after cities on the train's route. Seats 56. Lightweight. Donated 1968.
Southern #1212 Passenger Coach
Built 1917, Pullman. Seats 44. Modified 1940 into partitioned configuration for use during segregation years. Heavyweight; original number 1564. Donated 1968.
Southern #2449 Thomas Ruffin 10-2-1 Sleeper
Built 1929, Pullman, for the Crescent Limited. Originally built with 10 sections (upper & lower berths) and two drawing rooms. Modified to current configuration of 10 sections, two bedrooms, one drawing room in 1935. Heavyweight.
Southern #1065 Heavyweight Coach
Southern #1078 Heavyweight Coach
Built 1922, Pullman. Seats 46. Modernized by Southern 1935 and 1955. Heavyweight; original number 1671. Donated 1971.
Central of Georgia #527 Passenger Coach
Built 1924, Pullman. Operated on interline name trains Flamingo, Dixie Limited, and Seminole. Partitioned for segregated travel in the South. Heavyweight. Donated 1966.
Central of Georgia #651 Passenger Coach
Built 1937, Bethlehem Steel. Seats 66. Ran in joint service with Illinois Central on Chicago-Florida trains. Sole survivor of type. Ex-New Georgia Railroad 1111. Lightweight. Donated 1968.
Central of Georgia  #662 (aka SMRX 662) Passenger Coach
Built 1947, American Car & Foundry, for service on Central of Georgia's Nancy Hanks II. Lightweight.
Atlantic Coast Line #307 Business Car
Built 1924, Pullman, as combination baggage/smoker named Indian River for service on Canadian National. Converted to office car by Atlantic Coast Line. Heavyweight.
Southern Railway #2019 Tugalo River 10-6 Sleeper
Built 1949, Pullman Standard. One of 46 ten roomette, six bedroom sleeper cars built for the Crescent passenger train. All cars in this lot were named for rivers along the Crescent's route. The Tugalo River was the only 10-6 sleeper retained by the Southern, then Norfolk Southern, when operation of the Crescent was assumed by Amtrak in 1979. It ran primarily on railroad directors' specials until sold to the New Georgia Railroad in 1989. Purchased by the Southeastern Railway Museum in 1997.
Amtrack #2092 Slumbercoach
Built by Budd in 1959, for NYC (20th Century Limited) as the Loch Arkaig (10802). 24 Single/8 Double A number of cars built for the NYC during this period were named after Lochs . Sold to CB&Q in 1964 (along with a group of half a dozen other Slumbercoaches). Renumbered 335 Became part of the BN/NP family as the results of mergers. Became Amtrak 2033 and then renumbered to 2092.

For more information on slumber coaches, please see the attached PDF reproduction of Sleep Cheap! from the Summer 2006 issue of NRHS Bulletin This article is provided with permission of the National Railway Historical Society and should not be redistributed or reporduced without their permission

Wabash 1601 Dome/Parlor Observation Car
The Wabash 1601 was built in 1950 by the Budd Co. for the Wabash Blue Bird that ran between St Louis and Chicago. There was only one trainset and it made a round trip each day. It was set up as a Parlor car, since it was a day train. For more information on the Blue Bird trainset and some of the other Wabash cars click here opens in a new window

This car and other domes from the Blue Bird trainset are owned by a private individual in the Atlanta area who has agreed to allow us to open 1601 as an exhibit at the museum.

RPO and Baggage Cars


Status as of  Fall 2013
SOU 153 In use as museum library space
SOU 1701 Grand Junction Open as Exhibit
SOU 116 Stored pending restoration
SOU 451 In use as  museum library
SOU 582 Stored pending restoration
SOU 4529 Event rental space
SOU 6457 Stored pending restoration
CofG 405 In use as library / archives storage

Southern Railway #153 U.S. Railway Post Office
Built 1928, Bethlehem Steel. Car is half post office, half baggage compartment. Mail compartment side doors are equipped with steel catcher arms so a mail pouch can be picked up from trackside crane without stopping or slowing train. Ran on Cincinnati-Jacksonville passenger train Royal Palm between Atlanta and Jacksonville. Donated 1968.

more info on Railway Mail Service

Southern Railway #1701 Grand Junction U.S. Railway Post Office
Built 1941, Pullman, for passenger train Tennessean. All cars named after cities on the train's route. RPO section is 60'. Baggage compartment is 20'. Lightweight. Donated 1970.

more info on Railway Mail Service

Southern #116 Baggage Car
Built 1922, Pullman. Length: 60ft. The star beside the number indicates that this is a staffed car called a "messenger," and, as such, has a restroom on board.
Southern #451 Baggage Car
Converted from Pullman tourist sleeper. #6031 in 1954.
Southern #582 Baggage Car
Built 1920, Pullman, as 12 section, one drawing room sleeper "Benburb." Downgraded to tourist sleeper #2438 in 1942. Converted to baggage car 1948. Donated 1972.
Southern #4529 Baggage Car
Built 1918, Pullman, for NO&NE, as 12 section, 1 drawing room sleeper "Dorado." Downgraded to tourist sleeper #3009 in 1937. Converted to baggage car 1955. Donated 1971.
Southern #6457 Baggage Car
Built 1926, Pullman, as tourist sleeper Point Noire. Converted by Southern to baggage express car in 1950s and assigned to GS&F.
Central of Georgia #405 Baggage Car
Built by Pullman, 1916, as a cavalry horse carrier. Converted to a baggage car then to a commissary car. Donated 1968. photo
Freight Cars

Freight Cars

Status as of  Fall 2013
Central of Georgia #11403 Stored.
DODX 38416 Available to view, storing turntable "bridge"
Southern 117092 Stored. Used as storage for boiler for Georgia Power #97
Southern 74745 Exhibit
Norfolk Southern NS993359MW Available to view
L & N 40605 Exhibit
Western Union 3558-AB Stored pending restoration
Fruit Growers Expres 55558 Exhibit
Norfolk & Western 99984 Available to view
Southern 900097 Available to view, in use for storage
Southern 291069 Available to view
Southern 33309 Available to view, in use for storage
Seaboard Air Line Available to view, used for storage
Atlantic Coast Line 27052 Stored.
Chattahoochee Valley RR box cars Multiple in use for storage some viewable.

Central of Georgia #11403 Bulkhead Flat Car
Built 1965 by Thrall Manufacturing, Chicago. Bulkhead Flat Cars primarily carry pallets of materials such as plywood, sheet metal, ingots, and brick. Donated 1996.
DODX #38416 Flat Car
Built 1953. Capacity: 200,000 lbs. Designed to transport two tanks. Currently in use as boom car for crane.
Southern #117092 Flat Car
One of 500 similar cars built during 1926 in Southern's own shops. Designed to handle heavy lading. Donated 1963.
Southern #74745 Hopper
Built 1966. Three bays. Open hoppers carried bulk commodities such as coal, grain, wood chips, or rock.
NS993359MW Coal Hopper
ex-Norfolk & Western 94309. Built 1964 by Norfolk & Western's Roanoke shops, class H11A. Ran exclusively in coal service for N&W (later NS) until 1994 when it was assigned to maintenance of way ballast service after extensive washouts in Central Georgia. Three bays. Cubic feet: 3418 level, 3785 heaped. Load limit: 201,000 lbs.
L&N #40605 Milk Car
Contains two stainless steel tanks. Donated 1993.

This car is currently being restored. We have uncovered a "H.P. Hood and Sons" paint scheme and we plan to repaint the car using that original scheme.

Western Union #3558-AB Tool Car, Wood
Built c. 1930. Wood. Used as part of special Western Union work trains to maintain extensive network of trackside poles and lines. Donated 1966.
Fruit Growers Express #55558 Refrigerator Car, Wood
Built c. 1940. Privately-owned by Fruit Growers Express for shipment of their produce. Two bunkers at either end of the car hold blocks of ice, keeping the interior cool. Wood.
Norfolk and Western #99984 Gondola
Class G-1 gondola built by Virginia Bridge Works in 1940. Donated in 1963. Cubic feet: 1357. Weight, unloaded: 41,600.
Southern #900097 Gondola
Built 1938. Cubic feet: 1770. Capacity: 100,000 lbs. Gondolas transport coal, iron, steel, and other heavy lading which does not require covered protection. Prior to 1950, high-sided gondolas were often used to transport coal.
Southern #291069 Gondola
Built 1958.
Southern #33309 Box Car
Built 1965. Cubic feet: 5020. Weight, unloaded: 56,400 lbs.
Seaboard Airline #9028 Box Car
Built 1926 by Pressed Steel Car Co. as gondola. Rebuilt into box car in 1936 by SAL. Donated 1965.
Atlantic Coast Line #27052 Box Car
One of 230 class 0-16-D cars ordered by ACL. Built 1926 by Pressed Steel Car Co. Donated 1965.
Chattahoochee Valley #1010, #1011, #9012, #9014, #98703, #98705, #98707, #98708 Box Cars
Each box car was previously owned by other rail lines and built between 1957 and 1969. These cars were purchased from Chattahoochee Valley Railroad for museum storage.


Status as of  Fall 2013
Southern #2156 Exhibit
Southern XC 7871 Operational, in use on museum train ride.
Georgia RR #2866 Exhibit
Georgia RR #2849 In shop for restoration work
Central of Georgia X92 Exhibit
Hartwell #4 Stored pending restoration
Norfolk and Western #500837 Exhibit
Clinchfield RR #1064 Operational, in use on museum train ride.
Seaboard #01077 Exhibit

Southern #2156 Cupola, Wood
Built 1915 by Southern Railway. Wood.
Southern #XC7871 Transfer
Built 1950s. Used to transport men and materials to work sites. Donated 1980.
Georgia #2866 Bay-window, steel
Converted from a 1945 boxcar in 1970, this bay window caboose was used to carry passengers in mixed train service on the Georgia Railroad. Steel. Donated 1982.
Georgia #2849 Steel-braced wood, former box-car
Built 1941 during World War II steel shortage by the Georgia Railroad's shops. Frame and ends are from an otherwise rusted-out 1923 box car; 2" x 6" boards are attached to the inside of the frame. Donated 1972.
Central of Georgia #X92 Cupola, Wood
Built 1916 as ventilated box car. Converted to caboose in 1942 by Central of Georgia's Macon (Ga.) shops. Wood. Donated 1970.
Hartwell #4 (former B&O) Cupola, Wood
Built c. 1930 for Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Wood.
Norfolk and Western #500837 (ex-P&WV #837) C-19 Cupola, Steel
Built 1940 for Pittsburg & West Virginia Railway as #837. Class C19. Acquired by Norfolk & Western 1964. Donated 1989.
Clinchfield Railroad #1064 (ex-Monon #81515) Cupola, Steel
Built 1952 by Thrall as one of several experimental units for the Louisville, New Albany & Chicago Railway (Monon). Later ran on L&N as #915. This unit replaced Clinchfield's original #1064 which was lost in a fire. Donated 1985.
Seaboard System #01077 M-6 Cupola, Steel
Re-built 1970. Class M6. Steel.
Maintenance-of-Way Equipment


Status as of Fall 2013
Seaboard Bunk Car F70413 On exhbit in bldg 1
Chattahoochee Valley #522 On exhibit outside
Jordan Spreader #JX635 On exhibit outside
Western of Alabama #20 On exhibit outside


Seaboard #F70413 Bunk Car, Wood
Built c. 1930 by Seaboard. Mobile "home" for track maintenance workers. Contains coal stove, shower, ice box, and space for six bunks. Wood.
Chattahoochee Valley #522 Flat car with Burrow Crane
Built by Industrial BrownHoist. Used in light maintenance of way service.
Jordan Spreader #JX635  
Used to spread the ballast that supports ties and rails. "Wings" smooth the track edges or can cut drainage ditches along track sides. 
Western of Alabama #20 Pile Driver, Steam
Built 1929 by Industrial BrownHoist. Pile Driver has 33" wheels and a tractive effort of 8000 lbs. The tender (WofA #7302) carries 12 tons of coal and 7000 gallons of water. Also includes WofA #7001, Boom Car.



Status as of Fall 2013
Army C-271 Operational
USA#200 Exhibit
Clinchfield #112 In use as reserved rental space
Trackmobile Undergoing mechanical restoration
Hartsfield People movers #1 Exhibit located in building 2
Hartsfield People movers #53 Stored
U.S. Army #C-271 Self-propelled crane
Built 1953, American DiesElectric, for Army Transportation Corps. 50-ton.
U.S. Army #200 Kitchen Car
Built 1944 by American Car and Foundry. Used to prepare and serve food on troop trains. Equipped with two ranges (coal fired), utensil locker, two refridgerators, meat cutting table, bread locker, vegetable bin. Donated 1966.
Clinchfield Railroad #112 Tavern/Lounge
Built for L&N as baggage car. Converted to a "bar car" for use on the Clinchfield Railroad.
APM #1 and #53 Airport People movers
Built by Westinghouse in 1980 as model C-100 these automated people movers served Atlanta's Hartsfield (now Hartsfield-Jackson) Airport until 2002.  Donated by the City of Atlanta.

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