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We know you're curious

How can I volunteer?

The museum grows and thrives on it's volunteers. For more information about volunteering please see our volunteer information page.

Does the museum allow photography?

The museum encourages you to record your memories of your visit with photography and video. There is no additional charge for personal use photography.

Does the museum allow professional photographers to use their facilities?

All professional photography must be arranged before visiting the museum. Location shoots must be scheduled at least three weeks in advance. For fee and booking information, call (770) 476-2013 or send an e-mail to the .

Does the museum host meetings & parties?

Museum offers a unique setting for business or social events. Indoor and outdoor sites as well as selected rail cars are available. For more information, see the party page.

Are there plans to restore more steam engines?

At the present time (late 2013) we're in the process of raising funds for restoring Georgia Power #97, the museum's 0-6-0 tank engine.

In order to focus resources, and being aware of operational needs, the current plans are to do cosmetic restorations on other steam engines. This includes A& WP 290, NCR Dayton and Southern 1509 Maud

Is the museum wheel chair accessible?

There are significant areas and exhibits at the museum that are wheel chair accessible. Restrooms, gift shop, the exhibit hall, the 1871 depot and building 2 are accessible. The interior of passenger cars, cabooses and locomotive cabs are not wheel chair accessible.

Can I do community service hours at the museum?

At the present time, we're not accepting new applicants into our community service program for court ordered and/or pretrial diversion community service.

For questions about community service project as part of a school or community club or group, please contact our volunteer coordinator via .

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